I’ve been eating pretty well. Last night when I got home I did eat some chips, dips, and cookies. But didn’t go too too overboard, thank goodness. Yesterday for lunch I had a turkey, cheese, and spinach wrap with carrots and hummus, and veggie straws.


Then for dinner I had an overcooked hamburger with more veggie straws. Today I had a chocolate chip waffle with peanut butter for breakfast. For lunch I had avocado tuna salad.

20160122_130205 (1)


1 whole avocado
can of tuna
hard boiled egg

It was not as great as I was hoping, but it wasn’t bad either. I didn’t eat the whole bowl, but I still feel full so that’s a plus right?



I did go to the gym the other day. Did a quick whole body workout and some time on the treadmill. I’m very sore from that. Not excited about that, but I needed the workout. I didn’t really stretch after so it was my own fault.

I have got to get a better skin care routine. My skin is so ridiculously dry, it hurts. I may need to give up on straight coconut oil and add some shea butter. I’m dying. The weather is too nasty to go out to town, so hopefully it clears up by sunday so I can find some relief.



Clean eating….

I’ve been pretty fantastic when it comes to clean eating. I’ve been binge eating those burrito bowls from the other night. I had it for lunch and dinner yesterday. For lunch I went without the meat and it was still delicious. Breakfasts have been yogurt, blueberries, and granola. I’ve also been increasing my water. All in all I feel really great about that goal.

Today for lunch I brought in the crock pot to work and am heating up turkey chili. Super excited. Granted my belly is rather gassy from all the beans this weak I think. Still feeling good though. Last night I did have a nice little cup of ice cream, but moderation is key! Can’t cut anything out cold turkey.

I am very satisfied with where I’m going. My mini goal for this week was to eat from home and so far so good!! I’ve even done my hair and makeup every day this week.
Next goal is to get better about all over body lotion routine. Because good lord my skin is so ridiculously dry. So dry it hurts.

Well, time to work! Wish me luck today!

Taco bowls and burritos

Tonight we needed to use up some leftovers as well as make a few things for this weeks’ lunches.
We decided on taco bowls and burritos. The little people can make less mess with burritos than bowls.

I wanted to try out some chipotle mexican grill rice so I bummed the rice recipe off of Handle the Heat. I didn’t use anything else off of their page. It turned out pretty tasty! I used brown rice, cooked it up and added olive oil, lime juice, cilantro, and salt. I didn’t quite measure it out like Heat wanted, but it still turned out delicious.


I modify everyone’s meals because I love living in the stress zone. The preteen got rice, leftover taco meat, black beans, lots of lettuce, cheese, sour cream, and salsa. The two little ladies got burritos with rice, beans, meat, and cheese with a side of apples. I made up my plate with rice, black beans, ground beef, spinach, cheese, sour cream. I prefer spinach over any other lettuce. I have to be seriously mentally in the mood for a salad, but spinach I can generally sneak into any meal and be satisfied.
It was delicious.

On a fitness side note: a trick I’ve learned, especially with my family who greatly eats with their eyes, is pay attention to plate size. The physical size of the plate can affect how much we eat. I’m lazy and there’s too many dirty dishes so we often use paper plates. I make sure I get the smaller size paper plates so I can spread the food out on the plate and to my brain it looks like I’m eating a lot, but in reality I’m scaling down my portions. This works great with my preteen who constantly thinks he’s starving to death and must overfill his plates and bowls.

I was super satisfied with today’s accomplishments. I stuck to pretty healthy shopping list, ate really well today other than the chic fil-a french fries, and though I didn’t get to go to yoga because there was no daycare I did a lot of walking around.

Maybe I can convince myself to do some stretching before bed.

Goodnight sweetheart.

Why Mondays?

Why do we generally start new habits, routines, or hobbies on Mondays?

I wandered around town and did way too much today. Flat out, spent too much. But we’ll budget and make the pay period work – because that’s what moms do.

I started the day having a bowl of oatmeal, then a little while later I made some scrambled eggs because the little people were still hungry and I was too. I tried out some new makeup tutorials and was pretty satisfied with my look. The only issue I feel I had was with the major wrinkles in my forhead – yikes. My foundation just sank right into those by midday. I don’t normally wear anything but mascara and eyeliner. Today however I went all the way – foundation, concealer, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, lipstick/gloss, blush. My preteen asked me, “how come you started wearing so much makeup since Dad left”. Not sure how one day of makeup qualifies for that question, but I wasn’t about to explain the “I have more energy because I’m sleeping more” theory to my 11 year old.

Either way. I felt pretty fantastic.

We went shopping at Ulta to get some makeup brushes and more lipstick/gloss. Then skipped over to Sally’s to get some hair products. After that we went to Ross’s where I found some maternity shirts, flats for work, purse, and wallet (yes, I know…stop wincing). I took the kids to chic fil-a for lunch, where I learned that the smallest child does not prefer play places. We went around the corner to BJ’s for groceries then finished up our day at walmart for the rest of the groceries.

Needless to say I spoiled myself and feel only slightly guilty about it.

I managed to stay pretty healthy all day though. On the menu for this week:

hamburgers (lettuce wrapped – which the kids find fun) with french fries
Turkey tacos – Mine will most likely be a bowl with brown rice. Hoping to try out a copy cat chipotle rice recipe
Red beans and rice with kielbasa
Roast beef sandwiches
Chicken and rice soup

I also made a menu out for lunch ideas for work this week.

Bean burrito (beans, rice, cilantro, cheese)
Tuna salad
Avocado chicken salad
Lettuce cups (w/ leftover meats)
Inside out turkey wrap (or lettuce wrap)
Italian chicken (fetta, spinach) with rice

tomorrow we are going to the gym for a light workout!

Working mom’s fit pregnancy

I have been searching for a while and can’t find too many blogs that specifically target working moms who are pregnant who are also trying to get or stay fit. So I figured, what the heck I’ll start my own. So here we go!

I’m already well into my pregnancy. Some back story: I’ve been fit on and off my whole life. I go in phases. I’ll be head over heals into the lifestyle, drowning myself in the gym then I’ll wake up one morning quit everything and pudge up like a marshmallow (in my opinion, anyway). Hence why I have some lovely stretchmarks on my thighs and hips. I have given birth to two princesses, and am about 17 weeks into my last one with the little prince. I also have an older step son (yes, we will have 4 kids come June – be jealous people).

My husband and I were very active when we met, it was our thing. I could get up and run a half marathon in roughly 3 hours without training. I could take an all day hike with friends and be fine the next day. The husband was pretty  much the same way. He could drink and eat anything and lift the heaviest weights in the gym. Then family happened. We got married, had children, encountered life’s trials, rode the roller coaster that is marriage/work/family. We lost our habits, interests, hobbies. Not only did it take a toll on our bodies, but it also took a toll on our marriage and our selves. That roller coaster got vicious many times. Most of the marriage I was going to college and being mom. That was the time I was able to at least hit the gym when I was in the mood. Then graduation came, monumental marital issues, and finally work. I have found that it is really really ridiculously hard to run a household, work full time, and be a mom at the same time. Now, the husband helps where he can, all I have to do is ask and he is there to get involved. But as a mom it’s still overwhelming, no matter how much he helps.
I learned what the true meaning of exhausted was when I started working. It was such a shock to my system the first few months (and I had given birth and raised two girls!). It was insane how exhausted I was. Exhausted. I don’t know how I survived.

I just recently sent the husband off on his work adventure and now I’ve got a lot more energy. Most likely because I go to bed shortly after the kids go down and am able to enjoy  full 8 or 9 hours of sleep every night. When the husband is home, he feels like an old man if he goes to bed before 10 so we generally go to bed around that time. Since we get up at 5:30am, it makes for a tired mom (mainly because I LOVE my sleep). So since I’ve been able to go to bed when I want, I’ve been feeling much better. It probably also helps that I’m now into my second trimester and I’m not dealing with first trimester symptoms anymore. So since he wont be returning until baby time, I figure I can use this energy and get back into shape.

I have zero motivation, but I’m trying to get there. Here are some of my goals to accomplish to hopefully be ready to go full gear beast mode after little prince arrives.

Increase water intake
continue getting 8 hours of sleep
start walking 3 days a week
weight lifting 3 days a week
regular yoga classes
cleaner eating (I will most likely never be fully clean because that’s just reality right now)
Take care of my skin

I’m hoping with these goals, I’ll be ready when August hits. That is my intended start time. That gives me two months to recover from baby.

I’ve got to keep focused.

Motivation motivation motivation. I’ve got to find it.

Dry Brushing

I have dabbled in dry brushing off and on for a few years. When I do it consistently (even just for as little as a week), I see amazing results in the look and feel of my skin.
Some back story on my skin: I have the tendency to have serious cellulite on my thighs and rear-end. I also have some lovely stretch marks on my thighs, hips, and a few on my lower belly from baby number two.
Now, with my cellulite I’m able to relieve it (almost completely) with healthy routines. These include: increase in water intake, coconut oil, dry brushing, cleaner eating, and cardio. The stretchmarks I’ve been working on. Coconut oil seems to really attack those.

So here is the routine I’m going to attempt to get back in to. I prefer to do everything at night since my mornings are rushed and full of chaos.

Get some sort of cardio and or yoga in at some point during my day.

Before bed, remove makeup and exfoliate my face. I only exfoliate every other day because it is too harsh on my face.

This is followed by the dry brush routine. Now, as I’m pregnant I wanted to make sure it was safe and ok for me to do. I found a few links and resources saying it was safe, this blog in particular had some great perks and reasons. You want a natural bristle brush, I like a long handle on mine so I can easily reach my back. The whole routine is just brushing from feet to head, in motions toward the heart. Long, methodical strokes on the limbs, circular motions on the joints. So brushing the tops and bottom of your feet. circular motions around your ankles. Nice, long strokes up the calves and shins followed by circular sweeps over the knees. If you have cellulite, give a couple of extra strokes around the thighs, hips, and rear-end. The stomach can go two ways. Circular motions around the belly in a clockwise path will help with digestion. Brushing upward from the belly button and downward below the belly button helps with flushing the lymph system. You will follow the same pattern starting with your hands. Then finally finish with the back; lower back, middle, and shoulders. Always pushing toward the heart. Pinterest has some great boards and links if you want even more details.

Now, I prefer to rinse off in a cool temp shower and quickly exfoliate afterwards.

I haven’t used store bought lotion in who knows how long. I have gone strictly to coconut oil. Everyone uses it in our household in place of lotion. I found that not all brands are created equal. I love the big tub I get from Amazon. One, we go through it like crazy. Two, it seems to not leave the harsher residue like some other brands we have tried.

I have learned that my girls and I cannot get it in our hair. Even the residue on our hands will make our hair immensely greasy. So hair goes up in a bun before anything is done. Although, once a week I love doing a coconut oil deep condition. I rub it in my hair, sleep in it, and the next morning I wash it out and my hair is silky smooth and bright.

Anyway, this dry brushing and coconut oil routine seriously help get rid of cellulite and stretch marks for me. On a side note, if you do this regularly I suggest increasing your water. I always recommend doing that because you are flushing your body and you want to stay nice and hydrated. I will get a headache and stomach ache if I don’t have enough water. Another side note, keep in mind that stretch marks are scars. Scars do not necessarily go away, they just fade. However sometimes that is all you need to feel more confident in yourself. So don’t expect those to just disappear.

I will try and post some before and after pictures.


Ok so had the baby, got all of that taken care of 😉 lol

Start date for fitness is September 1st baby!! This time, it’s happening. I’ve got a lot of malfunctions at the moment though. Serious ick factor going on down “there”. It’s ridiculous. I am just so ready to feel normal again. Never thought I’d miss the feeling of going to the bathroom without also feeling like I need to negotiate with the Big Guy in order to make it through. Gah. And I fear the “ladies” will never be the same again 😦 I see some adjustments being made in my future. Sigh….oh well. 

So I’ve been putting off the good nutrition for a while. However it’s time to get it going. Especially since all of the greasy food I ate yesterday set my mini me into fits of gas and spit up. So today I started off with a bowl of oatmeal (which while being shared with the princess, just got sneazed all over my computer – sweet!). I added in some cinnamon because I remember reading somewhere that it’s good for you 😉 Attempted to eat some blueberries and apple slices but those were hijacked by the princess a well. Better luck next time. I’ve been dabbling in the idea that maybe the mini me has a lactose intolerance issue, but I think I’m going to first adjust my nutrition and see if that’s the problem. Hopefully we can get rid of this vomiting issue. Yuck. 

September first!! I will begin by starting to walk and doing yoga. I will have to wait until after I start work in order to figure out a gym schedule. But I can get up in the mornings and walk and then do yoga in the evenings – or vice versa. Now, until the mini me begins sleeping through the night this whole “getting up early” eagerness may be a challenge. If the husband wasn’t home it would be easily fixed by going to bed much earlier to ensure I got 7 or 8 hours of sleep. However since he’s home, he likes to go to bed together and he doesn’t like going to bed before 9:30pm. Soooo what to do what to do. Don’t know yet, I’ll have to think about that one. I really need more sleep though. 

So what’s the plan for my fitness routine? Here are some ideas, goals, etc etc

-weights at the gym 3 days a week

-outdoor walk/jog once a week (things like carrying sandbags on the powerline, hiking, obstacle courses)

-walking/jogging M-F

-Yoga 3 days a week if not every evening for stretching

Seems pretty manageable. I just have to stay accountable and stick with it. Because I’m going to be exhausted due to the children and husband. I’m going to be sore and tired and just want to sleep, but I can’t. I’m going to have other thing I need to do and I’ll need to really juggle my time, but I can do it! 

There are many other things I’d like to work on: care of my skin, less time on my computer/phone, whiten my teeth, more water, more time with my kids, my kids nutrition (that’s a big one), cleaner home. A lot of these are just getting over being lazy. That is my biggest hurdle. Gotta quit being lazy. 

Goal for today: track my food. start my food journal and try to eat better as well as drink more water. Perhaps a walk this evening 😉 

Half a Day

Today went by much better. Got up and did my thing! I was a little cranky today though, and seriously exhausted. 

At the gym I attempted this workout:

warm up

12 Bicep curls

12 dips

12 shoulder press

12 lateral raise

Run/Walk .5 miles

20 lunges

20 calf raises

20 squats

I was supposed to do this twice but I didn’t have time. This exercise set requires a good full hour and all I have in the mornings is 30 minutes, so no go there. I did finish one round though so that felt pretty good. Although I did have some pain throughout the day. I’m not sure what it was due to, if it was the exercises or something else. 

Now I’m overly exhausted and eager for bedtime. Gah


I’ve done really well this week with my goals so far, with a few minor adjustments and bumps. Today however I’m sucking. The husband came home and has thrown a few things off. Today I did not get up on time and now I’m just sluggish and frustrated. Granted, the toddler got up at 4:30 and was coughing and wanted in our bed. She wasn’t able to go back to sleep like she usually does after getting into our bed because the husband has to have the TV on when he’s awake. Which he was. So no one was sleeping much. Toddler was tossing and turning. I was tossing and turning. Husband was watching TV. UGH. 5:30 alarm goes off and I am like, ok I’m giving myself one snooze hit. so the second alarm goes off and I begin to get up. Husband then informs me that no, we don’t need to get up because he doesn’t have to go to work this morning. Well, there you go. Brain shuts down, fine. I’m going back to sleep. Which begins my struggle with actually waking up when old me had to to make preteen’s lunch. 

I battle with using husband as an excuse to not do the things I’m aiming to do. Things like he’s leaving soon so I should spend as much time with him, maybe he’s right I can just sleep in this one time, I didn’t get hardly any sleep due to him, he doesn’t want to go on a walk after dinner so none of us go, he wants to sit at home so no bike ride or hike or outing today. He and I have discussed this before, that we are no longer the adventurous, nonstop couple we used to be. Now we are in a rut, an old people come home sit on the couch snack eat and tv, bed by 9:00 rut. Now the bed by 9:00 is no complaint 😉 I do enjoy that. But regardless, we are lazy. Our kids are neglected and we yell at them for acting up for attention. We are lazy. 

So what do I do? I have to get up and do it without him. He will soon realize he’s being left out and he’ll either pitch a fit or come willingly. Either way he’ll make it there in the end. I have to realize that I can’t put myself or our children out in the dust because he’s not ready to get out of out rut yet. I know he wants to, he’s said so before. He’s just not motivated yet. I have to stop using him as an excuse to not accomplish my goals. I’m never going to reach them when I’ve got ANY kind of excuse. So today is a blundering mess, but I will make up for it. I have to. Plus, if I start kicking up my dust and getting things done, maybe he will see that he can accomplish his own goals as well. 

I’m kicking and screaming, but I will get it done. I will get my run done today because I didn’t get it done sunday or tuesday. I’ve at least gone to the gym though. And I haven’t eaten out, I’ve always had my lunch box of snacks with me. So on many things I’ve accomplished a lot and done really well. I’ve eaten pretty well for the most part too. Binged on chocolate once and had one slice of pizza at an event, but that is still much better than old me. So I’m happy about that! I do feel myself craving and getting upset over fast food or junk food, but so far I’ve managed to control it. I’ve the fridge full of veggies and healthy stuff so hopefully the rest of the week will go by smoothly.

Tonight, we are going to the park to do my run. GET IT DONE MOMMA!!


Rise earlier….ugh, the devil gave me this goal. I loath waking up in the morning. However I suppose if I can conquer this, I can conquer any goal 😦 sadface….

Eat less fast food. This is tough one. I do love my fast food, and it’s much easier than cooking. However it’s not great for me and it’s cheaper to eat at home. I’m not going to cut it out completely because in the past I’ve never been successful with that. This time I think I’ll just limit myself.

Be more active with the kids. I am one of the laziest people ever! My favorite thing to do is sit on the couch with my computer, phone, and tv and just veg out and do NOTHING. My kids get the butt end of that deal though, and it’s not fair. We need to plan more outings and more activities. This is where I get into trouble with fast food though, we will be out and about and I’ll forget what time it is and then we’ll just grab fast food because it’s quick and easy. This is where the next goal comes into play…

Plan better! Surely I can just keep a cooler in the car with sandwiches, snacks, lunches, etc to keep us from eating out. I think the kids will be much happier with this as well because they LOVE picnics! This will tie in the Rise Early goal because if I rise early, I’ll have time to prep it all and store it so it’s ready to go.

Ugh…what am I doing to myself…

Get regular with fitness mom! I’ve been doing pretty well this week, I’ve been to the gym twice and run three times. I’ve always dreamed of being that super fab mom who gets up at the butt-crack of dawn and goes running before my dear family awakes. Yeah, never happened because the morning is the spawn of satan! It doesn’t help that if I wanted to do that, I’d have to be out the door at 5:00am to run because the husband leaves at 6:00 and I have to have his lunch made before he heads out. I suppose 5:00 really isn’t THAT bad. Be back by 5:30, do the morning routine with the husband (something he’s missed and stated many times – I’ve learned the blessing and beauty of sleeping in while he gets ready), then get his lunch made while he does his coffee/computer time. OK OK OK so that doesn’t actually sound as bad as I thought now that I actually put down the numbers. Jeez, make me out to be a terrible person already!! Good grief.

sorry, got off on a tangent.

Ok so I think those are the big goals. Be better to myself, be better to my kids, be better to my husband. GAH I may be doing this kicking and screaming but it has got to happen! I wont reach any of my goals if I don’t start somewhere.


tackle one day at a time focusing on that week accomplishment.

do it. please lord help me do this.