I’ve cleaned up Christmas and packed it all away, making my house a little bare. Now we are getting ready to begin 2013 and I’m jumping on the resolution bandwagon! Making new goals for the year for our family can be challenging; what is realistic, what is achievable, and what is manageable for all of us individually and as a family. We all want to have a great year full of memories and growth so here are some ideas I think we’ll put into practice.

As a family I’d like to be more organized, prepared, and savvy. I imagine Pinterest will be a good friend throughout the year. We have so much excess that we don’t use and it all gets wasted that I think we need to really focus on slimming down. This applies to food, materials, and space. I’d also like us to be better about communication with friends and family. C did really well with letters this past year, I think the rest of us could do a little better. It is so hard to travel so I think being better about sending photos, letters, and care packages will be the next best thing. Facebook helps a lot though with most of our day to day activities.

Individually I’d like the kids to be better about sticking with activities. We are notorious about going to an activity for a little while then we quit going. C has a full cycle of karate to finish, J has tumbling and her pageants, and I really wish I could finish a yoga series. We could also spend some time volunteering and helping out around the community. I want my kids to be generous, giving people so I know from all my parenting books that I need to start maybe 5 years ago.

October 2012
October 2012

So here is to big plans, a busy year, and lots of good memories. Cheers!