I have dabbled in dry brushing off and on for a few years. When I do it consistently (even just for as little as a week), I see amazing results in the look and feel of my skin.
Some back story on my skin: I have the tendency to have serious cellulite on my thighs and rear-end. I also have some lovely stretch marks on my thighs, hips, and a few on my lower belly from baby number two.
Now, with my cellulite I’m able to relieve it (almost completely) with healthy routines. These include: increase in water intake, coconut oil, dry brushing, cleaner eating, and cardio. The stretchmarks I’ve been working on. Coconut oil seems to really attack those.

So here is the routine I’m going to attempt to get back in to. I prefer to do everything at night since my mornings are rushed and full of chaos.

Get some sort of cardio and or yoga in at some point during my day.

Before bed, remove makeup and exfoliate my face. I only exfoliate every other day because it is too harsh on my face.

This is followed by the dry brush routine. Now, as I’m pregnant I wanted to make sure it was safe and ok for me to do. I found a few links and resources saying it was safe, this blog in particular had some great perks and reasons. You want a natural bristle brush, I like a long handle on mine so I can easily reach my back. The whole routine is just brushing from feet to head, in motions toward the heart. Long, methodical strokes on the limbs, circular motions on the joints. So brushing the tops and bottom of your feet. circular motions around your ankles. Nice, long strokes up the calves and shins followed by circular sweeps over the knees. If you have cellulite, give a couple of extra strokes around the thighs, hips, and rear-end. The stomach can go two ways. Circular motions around the belly in a clockwise path will help with digestion. Brushing upward from the belly button and downward below the belly button helps with flushing the lymph system. You will follow the same pattern starting with your hands. Then finally finish with the back; lower back, middle, and shoulders. Always pushing toward the heart. Pinterest has some great boards and links if you want even more details.

Now, I prefer to rinse off in a cool temp shower and quickly exfoliate afterwards.

I haven’t used store bought lotion in who knows how long. I have gone strictly to coconut oil. Everyone uses it in our household in place of lotion. I found that not all brands are created equal. I love the big tub I get from Amazon. One, we go through it like crazy. Two, it seems to not leave the harsher residue like some other brands we have tried.

I have learned that my girls and I cannot get it in our hair. Even the residue on our hands will make our hair immensely greasy. So hair goes up in a bun before anything is done. Although, once a week I love doing a coconut oil deep condition. I rub it in my hair, sleep in it, and the next morning I wash it out and my hair is silky smooth and bright.

Anyway, this dry brushing and coconut oil routine seriously help get rid of cellulite and stretch marks for me. On a side note, if you do this regularly I suggest increasing your water. I always recommend doing that because you are flushing your body and you want to stay nice and hydrated. I will get a headache and stomach ache if I don’t have enough water. Another side note, keep in mind that stretch marks are scars. Scars do not necessarily go away, they just fade. However sometimes that is all you need to feel more confident in yourself. So don’t expect those to just disappear.

I will try and post some before and after pictures.