I have been searching for a while and can’t find too many blogs that specifically target working moms who are pregnant who are also trying to get or stay fit. So I figured, what the heck I’ll start my own. So here we go!

I’m already well into my pregnancy. Some back story: I’ve been fit on and off my whole life. I go in phases. I’ll be head over heals into the lifestyle, drowning myself in the gym then I’ll wake up one morning quit everything and pudge up like a marshmallow (in my opinion, anyway). Hence why I have some lovely stretchmarks on my thighs and hips. I have given birth to two princesses, and am about 17 weeks into my last one with the little prince. I also have an older step son (yes, we will have 4 kids come June – be jealous people).

My husband and I were very active when we met, it was our thing. I could get up and run a half marathon in roughly 3 hours without training. I could take an all day hike with friends and be fine the next day. The husband was pretty  much the same way. He could drink and eat anything and lift the heaviest weights in the gym. Then family happened. We got married, had children, encountered life’s trials, rode the roller coaster that is marriage/work/family. We lost our habits, interests, hobbies. Not only did it take a toll on our bodies, but it also took a toll on our marriage and our selves. That roller coaster got vicious many times. Most of the marriage I was going to college and being mom. That was the time I was able to at least hit the gym when I was in the mood. Then graduation came, monumental marital issues, and finally work. I have found that it is really really ridiculously hard to run a household, work full time, and be a mom at the same time. Now, the husband helps where he can, all I have to do is ask and he is there to get involved. But as a mom it’s still overwhelming, no matter how much he helps.
I learned what the true meaning of exhausted was when I started working. It was such a shock to my system the first few months (and I had given birth and raised two girls!). It was insane how exhausted I was. Exhausted. I don’t know how I survived.

I just recently sent the husband off on his work adventure and now I’ve got a lot more energy. Most likely because I go to bed shortly after the kids go down and am able to enjoy  full 8 or 9 hours of sleep every night. When the husband is home, he feels like an old man if he goes to bed before 10 so we generally go to bed around that time. Since we get up at 5:30am, it makes for a tired mom (mainly because I LOVE my sleep). So since I’ve been able to go to bed when I want, I’ve been feeling much better. It probably also helps that I’m now into my second trimester and I’m not dealing with first trimester symptoms anymore. So since he wont be returning until baby time, I figure I can use this energy and get back into shape.

I have zero motivation, but I’m trying to get there. Here are some of my goals to accomplish to hopefully be ready to go full gear beast mode after little prince arrives.

Increase water intake
continue getting 8 hours of sleep
start walking 3 days a week
weight lifting 3 days a week
regular yoga classes
cleaner eating (I will most likely never be fully clean because that’s just reality right now)
Take care of my skin

I’m hoping with these goals, I’ll be ready when August hits. That is my intended start time. That gives me two months to recover from baby.

I’ve got to keep focused.

Motivation motivation motivation. I’ve got to find it.