Tonight we needed to use up some leftovers as well as make a few things for this weeks’ lunches.
We decided on taco bowls and burritos. The little people can make less mess with burritos than bowls.

I wanted to try out some chipotle mexican grill rice so I bummed the rice recipe off of Handle the Heat. I didn’t use anything else off of their page. It turned out pretty tasty! I used brown rice, cooked it up and added olive oil, lime juice, cilantro, and salt. I didn’t quite measure it out like Heat wanted, but it still turned out delicious.


I modify everyone’s meals because I love living in the stress zone. The preteen got rice, leftover taco meat, black beans, lots of lettuce, cheese, sour cream, and salsa. The two little ladies got burritos with rice, beans, meat, and cheese with a side of apples. I made up my plate with rice, black beans, ground beef, spinach, cheese, sour cream. I prefer spinach over any other lettuce. I have to be seriously mentally in the mood for a salad, but spinach I can generally sneak into any meal and be satisfied.
It was delicious.

On a fitness side note: a trick I’ve learned, especially with my family who greatly eats with their eyes, is pay attention to plate size. The physical size of the plate can affect how much we eat. I’m lazy and there’s too many dirty dishes so we often use paper plates. I make sure I get the smaller size paper plates so I can spread the food out on the plate and to my brain it looks like I’m eating a lot, but in reality I’m scaling down my portions. This works great with my preteen who constantly thinks he’s starving to death and must overfill his plates and bowls.

I was super satisfied with today’s accomplishments. I stuck to pretty healthy shopping list, ate really well today other than the chic fil-a french fries, and though I didn’t get to go to yoga because there was no daycare I did a lot of walking around.

Maybe I can convince myself to do some stretching before bed.

Goodnight sweetheart.