Why do we generally start new habits, routines, or hobbies on Mondays?

I wandered around town and did way too much today. Flat out, spent too much. But we’ll budget and make the pay period work – because that’s what moms do.

I started the day having a bowl of oatmeal, then a little while later I made some scrambled eggs because the little people were still hungry and I was too. I tried out some new makeup tutorials and was pretty satisfied with my look. The only issue I feel I had was with the major wrinkles in my forhead – yikes. My foundation just sank right into those by midday. I don’t normally wear anything but mascara and eyeliner. Today however I went all the way – foundation, concealer, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, lipstick/gloss, blush. My preteen asked me, “how come you started wearing so much makeup since Dad left”. Not sure how one day of makeup qualifies for that question, but I wasn’t about to explain the “I have more energy because I’m sleeping more” theory to my 11 year old.

Either way. I felt pretty fantastic.

We went shopping at Ulta to get some makeup brushes and more lipstick/gloss. Then skipped over to Sally’s to get some hair products. After that we went to Ross’s where I found some maternity shirts, flats for work, purse, and wallet (yes, I know…stop wincing). I took the kids to chic fil-a for lunch, where I learned that the smallest child does not prefer play places. We went around the corner to BJ’s for groceries then finished up our day at walmart for the rest of the groceries.

Needless to say I spoiled myself and feel only slightly guilty about it.

I managed to stay pretty healthy all day though. On the menu for this week:

hamburgers (lettuce wrapped – which the kids find fun) with french fries
Turkey tacos – Mine will most likely be a bowl with brown rice. Hoping to try out a copy cat chipotle rice recipe
Red beans and rice with kielbasa
Roast beef sandwiches
Chicken and rice soup

I also made a menu out for lunch ideas for work this week.

Bean burrito (beans, rice, cilantro, cheese)
Tuna salad
Avocado chicken salad
Lettuce cups (w/ leftover meats)
Inside out turkey wrap (or lettuce wrap)
Italian chicken (fetta, spinach) with rice

tomorrow we are going to the gym for a light workout!