I’ve been pretty fantastic when it comes to clean eating. I’ve been binge eating those burrito bowls from the other night. I had it for lunch and dinner yesterday. For lunch I went without the meat and it was still delicious. Breakfasts have been yogurt, blueberries, and granola. I’ve also been increasing my water. All in all I feel really great about that goal.

Today for lunch I brought in the crock pot to work and am heating up turkey chili. Super excited. Granted my belly is rather gassy from all the beans this weak I think. Still feeling good though. Last night I did have a nice little cup of ice cream, but moderation is key! Can’t cut anything out cold turkey.

I am very satisfied with where I’m going. My mini goal for this week was to eat from home and so far so good!! I’ve even done my hair and makeup every day this week.
Next goal is to get better about all over body lotion routine. Because good lord my skin is so ridiculously dry. So dry it hurts.

Well, time to work! Wish me luck today!