I’ve been eating pretty well. Last night when I got home I did eat some chips, dips, and cookies. But didn’t go too too overboard, thank goodness. Yesterday for lunch I had a turkey, cheese, and spinach wrap with carrots and hummus, and veggie straws.


Then for dinner I had an overcooked hamburger with more veggie straws. Today I had a chocolate chip waffle with peanut butter for breakfast. For lunch I had avocado tuna salad.

20160122_130205 (1)


1 whole avocado
can of tuna
hard boiled egg

It was not as great as I was hoping, but it wasn’t bad either. I didn’t eat the whole bowl, but I still feel full so that’s a plus right?



I did go to the gym the other day. Did a quick whole body workout and some time on the treadmill. I’m very sore from that. Not excited about that, but I needed the workout. I didn’t really stretch after so it was my own fault.

I have got to get a better skin care routine. My skin is so ridiculously dry, it hurts. I may need to give up on straight coconut oil and add some shea butter. I’m dying. The weather is too nasty to go out to town, so hopefully it clears up by sunday so I can find some relief.